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System Recordings

  1. Introsun
  2. Blizzard Canyon
  3. Energy of Summer (feat. Galya Chikiss)
  4. Cavern Flood
  5. Maya Cuts (feat. Leo Uniquetunes)
  6. Bum and Kiran (feat. Galun)
  7. Maskil
  8. Quintet Attack
  9. Sur Round
  10. Razlom

On the 13th of January 2009, the Sensiva project released a new album called Draught. Myself, Galya Chikiss, Galun, Leo Uniquetunes, and Alexander Dubrovin take part in the project. The album was released by the New York's System Recordings.


Sensotech Records

  1. Bez Dna
  2. Untitled 3
  3. Fussed
  4. P Deep
  5. Light Rays Games
  6. Giosun
  7. Downstairs to the Free Port
  8. Muzima
  9. 44100th Galaxy
  10. Vasad

Giosun is the first album of the project which was released in 2007. In the release of System recordings from June 21 2009, guitars from Alexander Dubrovin (188910, Chikiss) apperared in the tracks "Bez Dna", "P Deep" and "44100th Galaxy".

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