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Draught (System Recordings)
13th January 2009
  1. Introsun
  2. Blizzard Canyon
  3. Energy of Summer (feat. Galya Chikiss)
  4. Cavern Flood
  5. Maya Cuts (feat. Leo Uniquetunes)
  6. Bum and Kiran (feat. Galun)
  7. Maskil
  8. Quintet Attack
  9. Sur Round
  10. Razlom
Giosun (Sensotech Records)
27th April 2007
  1. Bez Dna
  2. Untitled 3
  3. Fussed
  4. P Deep
  5. Light Rays Games
  6. Giosun
  7. Downstairs to the Free Port
  8. Muzima
  9. 44100th Galaxy
  10. Vasad
21 July 2009
The album Giosun is re released by System Recordings. Guitars from Alexander Dubrovin (188910, Chikiss) appeared in the tracks "Bez Dna", "P Deep" and "44100th Galaxy".
9 April 2009
Timothy (rus.) has made video on our track "Autumn Snow".

21 November 2008
On the 13th of January, the Sensiva project will release a new album called Draught. Myself, Galya Chikiss, Galun, Leo Uniquetunes, and Alexander Dubrovin will be taking part in the project. The album will be released by the New York's System Recordings.

By the way, the previous album Giosun will also be reissued by System, and it's electronic salling will end ad interim.

30 July 2007
Now Giosun is available to buy on iTunes, Beatport and other good mp3 stores.
18 June 2007
Beastie Boys — 3 The Hard Way (Sensiva remix) is out now.
Music: Sensiva
Vocal: Beastie Boys
27 April 2007 «Ambient Terrorist» T-shirt
Today is the official date of release "Giosun". In honor of this i make this T-shirt:

For the purchase mail me on sensiva@sensiva.ru.
23 April 2007 Sensiva — Giosun review on Igloomag
"...Sensiva has created a rich, moody and complex album; employing an array of sounds and techniques to produce an interesting and emotive listen..."
Read full review
5 April 2007 Sensiva — Giosun re-release
I have good news for my international friends. Soon Giosun album will be available almost in every part of world as Sensotech Records planning to make international re-releases of this CD. The official date of release is 27 of April.
4 March 2010, Tantsy Club.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Gorohovaya ul., 49.
Live act participants:
Artem Sensiva — Electronics
Alexander Belkov — Drumms
Alexander Dubrovin — Guitar
30 January 2009, PinUp Bar, 20:00.
Mokhovaya street 37, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

7 January 2009, A2 Club.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

25 October, Dirty Deal Cafe
Riga, Latvia.

13 September, Discolinko Festival
Helsinki, Finland.

17 July, KenguRock Festival
Place Club, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

4 - 7 July, Tundra Festival
Vilnius, Lithuania.

Cavern Flood
880 X 457
3870 X 2008